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Music Events You Should Attend This Summer in Nashville and Tennessee

With music resonating nonstop, around the clock, throughout the entire year here in Nashville, it’s impossible to list every single concert or music event. However, we can provide you with a glimpse of some significant music happenings taking place this season in Nashville.

Let’s take a look at what’s coming up this summer!

MUSIC IN THE VINES – Saturday & Sunday, April-October

Experience the enchanting melodies of live jazz music amidst the idyllic vineyard courtyard of Arrington Vineyards. Whether it’s a balmy summer night or a leisurely afternoon, this venue offers a captivating backdrop. Immerse yourself in the soulful tunes of jazz, indulge in a complimentary wine tasting, savor a delightful picnic, and bask in the scenic beauty that surrounds you.

MUSICIANS CORNER – May 19th – June 17th

Embrace the musical extravaganza of Musicians Corner, an annual event held on the South West lawn at Centennial Park. This open and free-to-the-public gathering presents a splendid opportunity to relish local live music in a stunning outdoor setting. With the presence of Kidsville, food trucks, vendors, and local artisans, Musicians Corner ensures a delightful experience for all.

FULL MOON PICKIN’ PARTY – May 19th – September 15th

Beneath the luminous glow of the full moon, renowned acts take the center stage while bluegrass and roots musicians gather in harmonious circles amidst the lush grounds of Percy Warner Park Equestrian Center. The family-friendly Full Moon Pickin’ Party invites everyone to partake in the joyful celebration of music, and the funds raised contribute to the preservation of Warner Parks.

BLUEBIRD ON THE MOUNTAIN – June 3rd – September 23rd

Ascend to one of Nashville’s highest hilltops during summer, where The Bluebird Cafe transports you to a night of live music beneath a starlit sky. Accomplished songwriters serenade you with their finest compositions on the portico of the Dyer Observatory. Following the enthralling Bluebird on the Mountain Concert Series, the observatory opens its telescope, allowing visitors to marvel at the celestial wonders overhead.

CMA FEST – June 8th – 11th

Every summer, Nashville becomes the ultimate destination for thousands of country music enthusiasts worldwide, as they converge for the CMA Festival. This four-day extravaganza showcases the talents of numerous artists through captivating live concerts, meet & greets, autograph signings, celebrity sporting events, and much more. Multiple stages throughout Downtown Nashville resonate with the exhilarating sounds of FREE live music during the festival.


Join the vibrant gathering of 80,000 fans in Manchester, TN, just a short distance from Nashville, for the extraordinary Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Prepare to be dazzled by four days of exhilarating festivities, featuring over 150 mesmerizing musical performances, alongside comedy shows, cinematic experiences, sustainability workshops, and more.


Every year, the prestigious Ryman Auditorium hosts the remarkable Bluegrass Nights at The Ryman concert series, presented by Springer Mountain Farms. Immerse yourself in the best of bluegrass music as talented artists such as Sierra Hull, The Jerry Douglas Band, Sam Bush, Rhonda Vincent, Daily & Vincent, Ricky Skaggs, and many more take the stage. Prior to the show, everyone is invited to participate in the FREE Pickin’ on the Plaza concert, held on the venue’s plaza, creating a harmonious prelude to the main event.

And if you desire a more extensive selection, feel free to explore ab upcoming concert lineup at 

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